George Malandrakis

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About CV Contact
Hello everyone!

My name is George Malandrakis and I am a software engineer.

I have been passionate about computers since my early teens. My initial intention was to become a hacker (how original!), but became a programmer (so close). I work as a backend Java developer, and occassionally do some Systems/Kernel programming in C and Rust.

I have an academic background in Computer Engineering (BSc), as well as Mathematics (almost BSc). I speak Greek, English, Swedish, and a little German.

My hobbies include reading books, writing software, and solving maths. Topology and Differential geometry are the math fields I enjoy the most. Computers and maths aside, I like history and anthropology too.

I occassionally write articles and poetry.

Born about 807987600 seconds after Unix epoch, father of a son, in a civil partnership, and somewhat left-wing.

And since our preferred OS tells everything about our personality, I am a Fedora Linux and FreeBSD appreciator.

This website runs on a web server I crafted myself in Rust and serves no real purpose othen than satisfying my ego, err, I mean giving me the opportunity to come in contact with like-minded people :)